Serebro - Russian female trio, which was founded in 2006 by Russian producer Maxim Fadeev. The group includes Temnikova Elena, Olga and Anastasia Karpova Seryabkina. The first public performance took place in the finals of the Eurovision Song 'Contest 2007 ", where Serebro took third place with the song Song # 1. After releasing their debut album "Opium Roz" in 2009, the group left the Marina Lizorkin. 
Once the future singer "Silver" Elena Temnikova, took part in the TV show "Star Factory", she began working with producer Maxim Fadeev. In the course of the Lena decided not to start a solo career and form a group of women, mostly of 3 people.
Since 2005, the search began for two future singers of the band. Olga worked Seryabkina backing vocalist for the ward Fadeeva - Irakli, where she met with LenaTemnikova. Struck up a friendship, Olga and Lena invited to listen to the group. The third member of the group, Marina Lizorkin and Maxim Fadeev found on the Internet. In 2006 the band was finally formed and began to rehearse. Release offirst single was scheduled for 2008, and before that group was to rehearse and record the material in the studio.